Breast – Breast Enhancement


Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery in which the structure and shape of the breasts is improved. It is considered the most effective option to increase breast volume, restore the natural breast volume lost after pregnancy, weight changes or because of age.

Breast augmentation changes the volume of the breasts but partially change other features such as:

– Asymmetry: The difference between the size of the breasts. If the difference is very noticeable, although the difference may decrease, you are still felt.

– Breast Tubular (small and pointy) breast augmentation can help in a limited improve the appearance of breasts such a degree.

– Sagging breasts: breast augmentation can fill the extra skin, increasing the skin above the breasts and making them larger. If the breasts are very Fallen it will be necessary to perform a mastopexy.

– Rarer forms: in some cases the surgeon may make small adjustments to improve the aesthetic appearance.

– Breast far between: Breast surgery can reduce the distance of the breasts. but if the distance is significant remain spaced breasts.

– Inverted Nipples: This aesthetic imperfection can be corrected in conjunction with breast augmentation and other procedures.

– Wide Areolas.

– Big nipples. Reducing nipple can be performed in association with breast or as an isolated procedure.