Otoplasty – Ear Surgery



The surgery is most often performed in the ears is correcting the “protruding ears”. It is a frequently requested intervention by adolescents and even children, psychological and social problems associated deformity.
Depending on the age of the patient being treated, the procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia. The incision is usually made behind the ear, thus leaving an almost invisible scar. From this incision the ear cartilage is reshaped, making folds in the right places and removing an ellipse of skin, which is sutured.
A bandage to model ears to heal is placed in correct position. Once removed (a week) the stitches are removed and an elastic band is placed for two weeks to avoid that during sleep the ears are folded forward.
The operation result is permanent. Rarely a touch and complications, whether cutaneous or cartilage, are outstanding need.

Other ear problems

Besides protruding ears or ears “in soplillo”, other problems may also be solved with surgery. These include contracted ear and the ear cup. They can also be improved surgically elongated lobes and torn lobes. The plastic surgeon is also able to create a new ear when born without (microtia) or when you lose by trauma.
The information contained on this page under any circumstances can not pretend to replace the information provided individually by your plastic surgeon. If in doubt, your plastic surgeon will provide appropriate clarifications.