Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery


Dr. Xavier Sanchez in his 30-year career has performed more than 5,000 rhinoplasty. This procedure being his specialty, has perfected his technique planning and delivering all natural results.

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery as an expression of art is where the maximum artistic creation of the Plastic Surgeon is exalted.

It is the most demanding surgery and takes more care in its planning, and its very precise execution and with minimal trauma. It is a simple operation which seeks to preserve the facial features in three important parameters: it is natural, that preserve the function and it is aesthetically good, or beautiful when it comes to girls or women operate.

“Wince” It is not necessary to achieve aesthetic nose and beautiful results. It seeks harmony within the natural.
This surgery usually takes place from 15 years for women and 18 years in youth but when there have been coups or fractures and is limited breathing, they can intervene earlier to correct the problem and perform cosmetic surgery.

Preoperative Rhinoplasty

In consultation with the plastic surgeon or (the) patient expresses what bothers you about your nose and your expectations regarding the procedure and discuss with your surgeon.
In this consultation the air permeability and structures is evaluated to determine if there are deviations or thickening of the turbinates or improper function of the internal valves which require immediate correction.
In the preoperative analysis it will take into account the size and shape of the face. The purpose of the surgeon is not to take the same mold but respect personal traits as well as the natural expression of the face and find a harmony between its parts.