Hyaluronic acid – Juvederm


Hyaluronic acid is a substance found in numerous tissues and organs of our body, for example, in connective tissue holding the spine in cartilage, synovial joint fluid or in our epidermis. Over time, the presence of this substance lowers remarkably, resulting, inter alia, the aging of the skin and therefore, wrinkles, sagging and loss of firmness.

One of the main properties of hyaluronic acid is its great ability to attract and retain water. Therefore, their use in cosmetic topical treatments can rehydrate in depth the epidermis of the treated for their appearance is smoother area and also by increasing its thickness and volume, reduce the furrows of the skin.

The hyaluronic acid was discovered in 1934, although its use in cosmetics, for which became popular, did not begin until the mid-90s Application of hyaluronic acid in aesthetic and beauty treatments is because their main property is to increase the volume and hydration of the skin, making it look more smooth and radiant.

Wrinkles and sagging skin associated with over the years are largely determined by the moisture loss by the reduction of hyaluronic acid in our skin and by decreasing the ability of our body to replace it.

In cosmetic medicine, this substance is injected depending on the needs of each patient to correct the signs of aging. The most common areas where applied are:

  • Contour corner of his mouth.
  • Labial and facial volume (cheeks).
  • Lip or perioral wrinkles (around the mouth).
  • Nasolabial furrows (lines ranging from both sides of the nose to the mouth).
  • External periocular wrinkles (crow’s feet).