Soft Lift


An innovative treatment that combines already established techniques in facial rejuvenation.

SOFT LIFT is a procedure that combines the application of Botox, the brand of botulinum toxin type A recognized and used worldwide, with the application of hyaluronic acid fillers JUVÉDERM of the line. This new concept allows simultaneously address multiple signs of aging in one procedure, resulting in a fresh, natural and rejuvenated appearance.

Why choose SOFT LIFT?

Aging is a natural process and resulting in the presence of multiple signals, such as the appearance of dynamic wrinkles (formed by the action of the facial muscles and visible only with the face in motion) and static wrinkles (caused by the evolution of wrinkles dynamics and decreased collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin, visible with the face at rest), besides the loss of contour and volume in areas such as the chin, cheeks and lips.

Unlike conventional rejuvenation techniques that evaluate the face with a two-dimensional approach or only care about the treatment of an isolated line or wrinkle, SOFT LIFT evolves this concept, evaluating the face with a three-pronged approach that can simultaneously treat signs aging focusing on the 3R’s rejuvenation:

  1. Muscle relaxation to reduce dynamic wrinkles with Botox application
  2. Redefining the contours and static wrinkles treatment with the combination of BOTOX and Juvederm
  3. Volume replacement in areas affected by the process of facial aging by applying JUVÉDERM